Thank you. So much. For the multi-day, specific day of the week edits. SO MUCH TIME SAVED. I DIDN'T EVEN THINK IT WAS A THING I COULD ASK FOR. THANK YOU.
David's WriteTrack is phenomenal. I've been using it for years and it increased my productivity tenfold (at least). If you need a kick in the rear to reach your goals, this is the tool to use.
Katharina Gerlach, author from Germany
writetrack is awesome David! It's really been helping me with my motivation, the tweet feature is brilliant! It means I have all my twitter friends nagging me about where todays word count message is until I actually get done for the day, then the congrats start to pour in.
This tool has been a phenomenal help for completing my writing projects. I wrote over 150,000 words last year, and I know it will help me write thousands more. It allows me to schedule my writing around all of life's other distractions, and it helps me realize and celebrate small victories along the way. Thank you so much for creating this resource!
Jessica Critcher
WriteTrack...gave me the discipline I needed to maintain my writing pattern, and as such I have produced a novel for a publishing competition, 65,000 words in 24 days, which I know would not have happened without the use of your program.
Kim Finn


Welcome to WriteTrack, the tool for tracking your progress as you work towards reaching your personal writing goals which adjusts based on your personal schedule. Whether you're participating in National Novel Writing Month, MilWordY, or just setting your own personal goals, WriteTrack has you covered.

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August 25, 2013Added a page with instructions on how to give someone a link to your progress chart, or how to embed your chart on another page (for use in websites, banners, forum signatures, etc.).
August 14, 2013Added testimonies to the login page. If you would like to contribute a testimony (with a link to your site), please contact me.
January 15, 2013Added the ability to update the weights for several days at once.
November 12, 2012Made some significant changes behind the scenes; the calendar and chart pages should be slightly faster now. Also renamed the middle bar in the Progress graph to "Expected Progress"; the old label was misleading. As always, please let me know if you run into any problems.
October 26, 2012Total revamp of the user interface. I think it looks better now. Also, there's a mobile version; it should automatically send you to it if you're using your phone.
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